Introducing Us

Hello darlings, 

I know what you’re thinking, and believe me I already thought it a thousand times - how many blogs exist in this world and are you really thinking of adding another? YES! I have loads to say, share, explain, and rant about and I figure an outlet is always healthy! 

Who am I? My name is Anne and I do many things marketing for Straplets. I promise - although I know you probably have reasonable doubts - that I will speak my honest truth on this page. We may not be able to do that in all facets of our lives, but the internet is a freeing place. I think you will come to trust me over time. 

This will be a blog for anyone interested in any way about shoes, life, people, and whatever else we are thinking about in our little Straplets family. It is open to everyone and there will be absolutely no hate allowed -- for others that is, you are more than welcome to disagree with me ad nauseam!

Let me tell you about our team:

Anne Blog Intro Photo

 I introduced myself above, but I’m Anne and my worst qualities include chipping and peeling nail polish, chewing loudly (the worst, I know) and having terrible taste in movies. I studied philosophy, psychology, and sociology so I am fun at parties, but only in small doses. I write poetry in my spare time and I will likely share some of my shoe-oriented Shoe-etry on here as I tend to create based on what is going on in my life. 

Emily Blog Intro Photo

Emily is our fearless leader and she founded and bootstrapped Straplets because of an embarrassing trip at a new high level job. She likes to say she literally fell into her *a-ha* moment! Potential friendship deal breakers include being a safety hazard in the kitchen (literally exploded an egg trying to hard boil it,) big, flat feet that are never manicured (not the easiest when promoting a shoe accessory!) and constantly misplacing her keys. (If anyone has recommendations on trackable key rings - hit ya girl up with the deets.) She lives in an entrepreneurial commune - she swears it’s not a cult - with SEVENTEEN ROOMMATES. She has a law degree so she is a literal champion and got us our international utility patents - more on this at a later date because it is a yuge deal. 

Julia is the queen of sales and tackling all obstacles put in our path. She joined Emily because she can spot a trend like no other (and because of Emily’s irresistible charm!) Excluded from her [non-existent] tinder profile are a love of absolute crap television (think: Love Island,) an inability to sit still, and a slight case of indecisiveness, she thinks. She has an extra kidney so if you’re ever in need, she’s got you back (or kidney, as the case may be.) She has a puppy named Stella and a firefighter boyfriend *ooh la la.* Her family actually breeds labradoodles [] and they are the mushiest of sausages that she gets to snuggle before they land in their forever homes! (Pro Tip: follow her socials for your regular dose of squishy love.) 

We’ll have more (or more likely less) formal introductions shortly, but I  just wanted to pop in and offer a quick hello! We have some exciting things in the works for the brand and for the blog and I hope it is as enjoyable for you to read as it is for me to write (and experience.) 

Securely yours,