Coronavirus: Want to help? Tips to help others through this outbreak

Looking for ways to help others through this difficult time? Here are the most reliable methods we've found.


Stay Home : Be Responsible

The Center for Disease Control has sent out recommendations to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Individuals not in a high-risk group can still be carriers without showing any symptoms. The best method to protect those around you is to practice safe social distancing. This means staying home as often as possible. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (using the song of your choosing.) Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. 



If you are lucky enough to be financially safe through this time, consider donating to those who are in vulnerable populations. The homeless, elderly, and hungry will need more aid than usual. Between pre-existing charities and ones developed specifically for the Coronavirus, there are multiple places to reliably donate.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has a COVID-19 Response Fund. This focuses on supporting local nonprofits in highly effected areas. 

Save the Children also has a COVID-19 Response Fund.

Meals on Wheels will continue to safely deliver food to American senior citizens. This ensures that the most at-risk group of individuals will not be left to fend for themselves in the midst of this crisis. 

Local Food Banks are always worthy charities to donate to. It’s important to note that they prefer cash to canned goods as they can use the donations to fill the spaces in their stash! 


Help People in Your Neighborhood

Ask those around you how you can help them! Can you maintain your normal salary while working from home? Some people don’t have that option. Offer services that make you feel comfortable. We’ve seen communities of young people offering to run errands for those who don’t feel safe leaving their home. If you feel close enough, offer babysitting to those who have to keep going into work without the availability of their typical childcare.


Buy From Small Businesses

Small businesses rely on consistent patronage. If possible, buy local for all goods and services. Arts programs are particularly vulnerable. Donating to local arts programs can keep them afloat while we work through this difficult time together.


The final message. Be thoughtful. Be considerate. If you are in a position to offer help, reach out. If you need help, reach out.


Let’s take this time to get closer as a community.

Stay safe,

Straplets Team



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