5 Wild Facts You Didn’t Know About Shoes

So you think you know everything about shoes. You might be right, but you might be wrong. Take a look!


1. Yes, heels were originally invented for men! 

There is the common myth that they were intended for butchers to keep the blood off of their feet, but that is not the case! Horseback riding men who hailed from the time before cars needed a heel to secure their feet in their stirrups. While it’s weird to imagine Louis XIV in a stiletto pump, it is believed these were more akin to a woman’s riding boot, or even the heel height of a modern day cowboy boot!


2. How bad is your shoe collection compared to your peers?

Let’s compare. The American woman has an average of 21 pairs of shoes in her closet. I thought this number sounded high until I started counting my own pairs. Well, at least I’m above average in something that matters!


3. Sneakers were invented to sneak!

Yes - the original intention of the rubber sole was to prevent sound. If you ever think back to the clickity clack of your teacher’s heels coming back to the classroom - the universal sign to get back to your seat and quiet down - you can see the usefulness of this invention. That being said, has anyone ever been to a basketball game? Those squeaks are not subtle! Maybe sneakers were invented for only sneaking around slowly.


4. Most expensive shoes in the world? 

Now, I thought the price of a pair of Valentino’s was steep. It appears that the highest price ever paid for a pair of shoes with $660,000. Six hundred and sixty THOUSAND DOLLARS! To be fair, they were the magical ruby red slippers worn by the iconic Judy Garland as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. They sold in 2000 and for that price, they better be capable of transportation!


5. Ever put your shoes on the wrong foot? 

Shoes with a difference between the right and left foot weren’t invented until 1818. What did they do before that? Imagine how uncomfortable those must have been! Even now, with accommodations for toes and arches, and many shoes can still be viciously uncomfortable. 

Do you have any other fun facts about shoes to share? Send them on over!